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Swarovski Active Panels

Tactile, sparkling and high-polished, the Active Panel combines the luminous power of 200,000 crystals per square meter with a back lighting of special LEDs. Active Panel comes in a variety of colour and shape options. Crystals are glued on a glass per square meter. The lighting is created with a specially designed LED solution, which creates the perfect sparkle of the crystals. The LED boards are modular, enabling the realisation of a variety of shapes and sizes.


Structure Size Crystal Colour Weight

Open Structure with crystal on surface

Closed Structure with glass surface

Max - 150x250cm

Min - 10x10cm

Crystal AB (001 AB)

Crystal Golden Shadow (001 GSHA)

Crystal Silver Shade (001 SSHA)

1x1 meter - Approx 55kg


Use this ambient lighting to create a signature interior that deserves the name: Thanks to customised print and endless colour and design options this 2015’s Red Dot Award winning décor-art technology can incorporate any company logo or other motif. Combining crystal and LED the Active Panel is dimmable and connectable to home automation systems. It allows for frame-less solutions as well as open and closed structures.





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