The advantage to being the first is that you get to set the agenda. Throughour its long history, Swarovski has pioneered technologies and accomplished visions that have made waves far beyond the bounds of its own industry.

Now, Swarovski is stepping forward to annouce a dramactic change to the DNA of its crystal; the ADVANCED CRYSTAL standard. In 2007, the company began transitioning to crystals made using a patented, lead-free* formula that has the same sparkle, dependability, and variety for which Swarovski is famous. 

If you haven't noticed a difference, that's likely because with the ADVANCED CRYSTAL standard, it's what you don't see thatt matters; carefully selected raw materials that have evoloved alng with the consumers, thus providing perfect peace of mid for business partners in the ever stricter international regulatory environment.

ADVANCED CRYSTAL is more that just compliant with today's internationa market standards - it raises the bar for the entire industry by anticipating those of tomorrow. Stay ahead for the futrure with the most advanced crystal composition in the market and SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS, your reliable partner of choice.

 SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS is the premium brand for the finest crystal elements manufactured by Swarovski. The complete assortment is available in the ADVANCED CRYSTAL standard. 


*Crystal glass and all other material containing 0.009% lead or less. Formula is patented in the US and 16 European countries.