Transfers are ideal for Hot Fix application on all kinds of textiles. They are available in a large range of motives and rows, which are made up of different articles of the Flat Back Hot Fix assortment. Featuring designs from the in-house design team, they can comprise XILION Roses, Ringed XILION Roses or Creation Stones, as well as Metallics and Crystaltex Motives. Transfers are also available as No Hot Fix versions, to be glued onto any material. The offered Transfers motives are divided in three categories; Standard Collection, Trend Collections and Special Collections to suit all needs in the targeted segments such as women’s wear, sports & casual wear, children’s wear etc.

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Transfers Unlimited

Have a vision of a large crystal pattern? Up to 18 different elements – crystals, colours, sizes, and shapes – can be combined in one motif with Swarovski's Transfers Unlimited technology. Transfers Unlimited offers stunning 3D surfaces, long rows and even “floating” effects. With a tight compound that has reduced the distance between the elements to a minimum, Transfers Unlimited also offers the highest setting quality on the market.

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Swarovski Transfers Unlimited