Swarovski Innovations Autumn Winter 2016/17

When Jean Paul Gaultier, haute couture rebel and modern design legend, visited Swarovski headquarters in 2013, he was stuck by the perfection of Swarovski Crystal. Inspired to create a crystal design of his own, he felt that there was no way to make something perfect more perfect. There was only one way to make it new. And that was adding a touch of imperfection.


Broken and raw, yet elegant at the same time, the Kaputt design captivates with distinctively irregular, partly unpolished, or frosted surfaces that give it an all natural, almost meteoritic appearance. It comes in rich, shimmering metallic colours as well as classics, such as Crystal and Crystal Golden Shadow, and boasts the famous Jean Paul Gaultier logo as a laser engraving.


Scintillating somewhere between the hypnotic, otherworldly shimmer of the scarab and bright green of tarnished copper, Crystal Scarabaeus Green was developed as a perfect match for the Kaputt Collection. It, too, was a flash of inspiration from Jean Paul Gaultier, who closely followed the development of this stunning new effect with its green, blue and purple metallic luster.