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Swarovski Branding with Stephen Arnold Ltd


Can I use the Swarovski name on my product?


YES. However Swarovski have invested great effort with their brand and in order to support it, Swarovski have produced a range of branding guidelines and partnerships to help customers worldwide. The proper use of the Swarovski name can support your business by adding a unique selling point to distinguish your brand from that of your competition.

By associating your brand, company or product name with a known and trusted global brand allows you to influence your customers preference for item embellished with Swarovski Crystals. Ultimately enabling you to achieve premium prices and drive up demand for your own product.

Swarovski have carried out a variety of studies to show customers are willing to pay 44% more for products with the Swarovski seal.*

* Study with 3,000 consumers (25-55 years old, female) in Germany, Italy, China and USA (May 2014). Includes jewellery, apparel, digital and leather accessories products.


Swarovski have produced Basic Branding Guidelines to support all customers using Swarovski Crystals. These guidelines provide direction regarding how to reference the Swarovski brand correctly. We kindly ask you to please check the guidelines and to fully adhere to the terms and conditions.

Also recently added, the Ingredient Branding Program provides further support for established customers.


Frequently Asked Questions


1. How can I use the SWAROVSKI name on my product?

Yes. There are a number of ways this can be done. Please see the Branding Guidelines below for more information.


2. How do I show my customers I am using genuine SWAROVSKI Crystals

By adhering to the SWAROVSKI branding guidelines you will be able to use the term 'Crystals from Swarovski'. This can only be used as an adjective solely as text reference in body copy. Please see the branding guidelines below for more information.


3. Can I use the SWAROVSKI Swan logo?

No. This logo is reserved for SWAROVSKI own brand of finished goods, such as jewellery.


4. Where can I buy SWAROVSKI swing tickets to add to my products?

Swarovski swing tickets are reserved for customers who have a written agreement with SWAROVSKI under the Ingredient Branding Program.


5. How can I be sure I am purchasing genuine SWAROVSKI Crystals?

If you are buying directly from Stephen Arnold Ltd, it is of course safe to assume that the crystals you have purchased are genuine Swarovski products. Our wholesale packs are sold as we receive them from SWAROVSKI in tamper proof sealed packs. Small packs have been re-packaged from wholesale packs in our office. As SWAROVSKI' s recommended authorised distributor for the UK and Ireland we have a strict set of guidelines issues by SWAROVSKI so you can rest assure that you are only purchasing 100% SWAROVSKI Crystals.

However, if you source through other trade channels, you should take all necessary steps to ascertain that the products yyou have purchased are authenitc Swarovski Branded Crystals. Be aware that there are sellers of counterfeit and mislabeled product. Be wary of suppliers selling other brands of crystal and ask for proof that the products are Swarovski branded products, such as delivery notes and invoice from SWAROVSKI.


6. Do you provide POS (Point of Sale) material to show my products use SWAROVSKI Crystals?

POS material can be provided to customers who have an ingredient branding contract with SWAROVSKI, however this is subject to approval. For customers using the branding guidelines, you are able to create your own POS material provided you adhere to terms of guidelines. More information can be found in the branding guidelines below.


7. Can I sell my products under the SWAROVSKI name?


 Here are the Basic Guidelines. For more information please click here for the full Swarovski Branding Guidelines.

1. Use the Swarovski trademark solely in reference to Swarovski Branded Crystals.

2. Ensure that your crystals are 100% Swarovski Branded products.

3. Make no use of any Swarovski logo unless you have signed a written logo agreement or unless otherwise provided in this guidelines.

4. Properly use the Swarovski trademark solely as a text reference in body copy.

5. Properly use the Swarovski trademark as an adjective.

6. Acknowledge the Swarovski trademark using proper trademark symbols.

7. Use the Swarovski company name as a noun, without trademark symbols.

8. Maintain the inegrity of the Swarovski name and brand.

  • Do not modify or abbreviate the Swarovski name or brand.
  • Do not incorporate the Swarovski name or brand, or any recognizable element thereof, into your own or other brands, logo, trademarks or company names.
  • Do not use the Swarovski name and brand, or any recognizable element thereof, in internet domain names, online account names, social media user names, email address, or other online identifiers.
  • Do not use the Swarovski trademark as a generic product reference or as a category name in the reference to products other than "Swarovski" Branded products.
9. Do not use Swarovski copyright materials, promotional or point of sale materials, or any Swarovski "look & feel" unless expressly authorised by Swarovski in writing.
10. Ensure that your own re-sellers and marketing partners follow these Guidelines in the marketing and promotion of Swarovski Branded Crystals, and of your own products containing Swarovski Branded Crystals.

Swarovski Ingredient Branding Program


Stephen Arnold Ltd is happy to be working with SWAROVSKI in the UK and help support customers gain the added benefit of the Swarovski Ingredient Branding program. It provides special communication support to partners who have a consumer brand that exclusively uses Swarovski crystals in their finished products. This support includes;

1. Point of sale solutions,

2. Access to Swarovski's communication platforms,

3. Swarovski Seal. Like a swing ticket each ticket is provided with a unique number which can be entered on the SWAROVSKI website to provided additional confidence to your consumer that the item they have purchased is genuine.

4. Exclusive marketing insights provide customers with a proven way to profit from the prestige of the SWAROVSKI brand.



If you are interested in becoming an Ingredient Branding Partner please download the submission form here and submit by email or post to Stephen Arnold Ltd, 1 Bedford Mews, London, N2 9DF. 

Once we have received your request a member of the Swarovski office will be in touch to explain the conditions of the program. The value that the program creates depends on the perceived strength of our customers brands; this means that the type and level of access to the Swarovski branding and communication assets that is available will differ from one customer to another. When you have accepted the conditions of the program, Swarovski will issue an ingredient branding contract to signed by both parties. At this point you will become part of the exlcusive and valuable Swarovski Ingredient Branding World.

Please note the Swarovski Ingredient Branding Program is a paid for service.