The Queen's Swarovski Crystal Diamond Jubilee

The Queen’s Swarovski Crystal Diamond Jubilee

June 8, 2012  |  News

Her Majesty the Queen sparkled last Sunday for her Diamond Jubilee celebrations, when she wore a white Swarovski crystal coat and dress handmade by couturier Angela Kelly (Personal Assistant and Senior Dresser to the Queen) for the royal pageant flotilla on the Thames.

The coat, dress and hat were made by the Queen’s in-house Buckingham Palace team and the impressive Swarovski-studded outfit took over a year to produce. The garments were created from white yarn with silk ribbon, embroidered with gold, silver and ivory paillettes, with the Swarovski crystals taking centre stage. Their aim: to reflect the sparkling water of the River Thames.

The nautical theme didn’t end there; the Queen’s hat featured a brim that represented the waves of the Thames, feathers hand-dyed (again by the Queen’s in-house Buckingham Palace team) and yet more glorious Swarovski crystals to finish.

The colour scheme of the Queen’s outfit was chosen to stand out against the red and gold of the royal barge. The barge (The Spirit of Chartwell – a hotel barge owned and operated by the Magna Carta Steamship Company for luxury cruises along the River Thames) was decked out especially for the occasion.

The 1,000-strong flotilla journeyed from Battersea Bridge to Tower Bridge with tremendous success to roaring crowds, where the Royals disembarked to watch the grand finale. All in all, it was a sparklingly regal day.

The Queen's Swarovski Crystal Diamond Jubilee Outfit

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