Swarovski Crystal Fabric Exhibited by New British Artist

Swarovski Crystal Fabric Exhibited by New British Artist

May 22, 2012  |  News

Sarah Hardacre, an up-and-coming British artist whose work is currently being featured in the same London gallery that’s hosted some of Damien Hirst’s most recent instalments, has utilised SWAROVSKI crystals to spotlight one of the most prominent pieces in her latest ‘Heaven With The Gates Off’ exhibition.

With prime placement at the Paul Stolper gallery in Holborn, Hardacre’s silk screen print entitled ‘Burned By The Heat’ makes use of SWAROVSKI Crystal Fabric Banding, purchased directly from Stephen Arnold, across the lining of a bikini worn by the work’s featured model.

Hardacre has used images of women from vintage gentleman’s magazines in many of her exhibitions previously, contrasting them with photographs of estates built to house Britain’s welfare state in the decades following World War II.

This particular exhibition makes use of the Salford Local History Archive, with the background photo for ‘Burned By The Heat’ coming from a view of Salford’s Briar Hill Court. Hardacre explains her own use of the imagery as a “preoccupation with Modernism as a legacy of the welfare state and how concrete and class came to be connected”.

And for her use of the SWAROVSKI Crystal Fabric Banding in this particular work, Hardacre’s press materials explain that, “The Swarovski crystal details added to the print visually re-insert glamour and beauty in a place where it is otherwise lacking.”

Based in Salford, England, Sarah Hardacre’s work has been included in the collections of The British Museum and The British Council, as well as the private collections of art lovers around the world. Rumour has it that Damien Hirst has even invested in one of the pieces from this latest exhibition.

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