Nelly Furtado's Big Hoops and Swarovski Crystal Glasses

Nelly Furtado’s Big Hoops and Swarovski Crystal Glasses

June 22, 2012  |  News

Nelly Furtado has opted for some Swarovski bling in her new music video Big Hoops (Bigger the Better), donning the Amazing Black sunglasses, from the stylish Swarovski Sunglasses Collection.

The Amazing Black sunglasses are featured in one of the feature scenes from the music video. The stunning frame and arms are made entirely of prisms to recreating the finely chiselled facets of a Swarovski Elements crystal. Perfect for the confident and sassy wearer, they’re a bold piece with a strong personality – reflecting Furtado’s on-screen presence.

Nelly Furtado's Big Hoops and Swarovski Crystal Glasses

Swarovski's Amazing Black Sunglasses

The first single off her upcoming fifth studio album, The Spirit Indestructible, Furtado’s new song Big Hoops (Bigger the Better) is set to become one of the biggest hits of the summer. With big bass driven beats, it has all the hallmarks of a massive summer club anthem.

It’s been six years since big Furtado hits, Promiscuous and Maneater, and the new album marks a significant comeback for the Canadian-born multi-platinum singer/songwriter. Furtado’s song I’m Like a Bird shot her to success in 2000, earning a Grammy for Song of the Year. Her diversity in both music and style is what gives Furtado her unique and influential appeal.

“This album is all about positivity, youth, good energy, and the relentlessness of the spirit,” Furtado told the Swarovski Magazine online. “I want people to live this music the way we did when we wrote it. I want them to jump, dance, scream, laugh, cry, love, and vibe to it, and to turn it up very loud everywhere.”

Take a look at Nelly Furtado’s Big Hoops (Bigger the Better) music video below, and watch out for those fancy specs in action…

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