Giant Swarovski Easter Egg To Feature In Faberge Hunt

Giant Swarovski Easter Egg To Feature In Faberge Hunt

February 15, 2012  |  News

If Peter Carl Fabergé could have been around to see this today, we think he would’ve approved: Vanessa Chilton of London jewellers, Robinson Pelham has built a giant egg inspired by the Emperor Penguin and adorned it with Wholesale Swarovski Crystals in aid of the Fabergé Big Egg Hunt.

The hunt itself is taking place for 40 days and 40 nights across London starting from Shrove Tuesday next week – 200 eggs will be hidden around the capital before the public are invited to hunt them down one-by-one, in a similar format to the London Elephant Parade that took place two years ago.

Fabergé’s aim is to raise £1 million for charity by auctioning off the eggs at Sotheby’s once the hunt concludes over Easter, and Robinson Pelham’s Swarovski-encrusted egg will be amongst the lots. The egg will also feature in a select group of 30 from the hunt that are set to be sold as miniature replicas at Selfridges.

Other egg designs from artists, fashion designers, and celebrities including Vivienne Westwood, Sir Ridley Scott, and MIA have been lined up by Fabergé, but we’ve got a soft spot for Vanessa Chilton’s Emperor Penguin and can’t wait to see how the eggstraordinary design pans out.

Vanessa Chilton painting the Robinson Pelham egg. Image Credit: Professional Jeweller

“The penguin, just like an Easter egg, has become a metaphor for the nurturing of new life,” Vanessa Chilton told Professional Jeweller. “Inspiration came from the male Emperor Penguin incubating its partner’s egg throughout the Antarctic winter, resting it on its feet, protecting it from the freezing ground.

“The crystalline snow on his back, made up of Swarovski crystals, is an echo of the constellations reflected above him in the permanently black winter sky. We have named our penguin Basileus, meaning Emperor in Greek.”

Perhaps we should add ‘Creating your own Robinson Pelham miniature Fabergé egg’ to the Top 10 Uses for Swarovski Rose Flat Back Crystals…

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