A Bald New Look for the Swarovski Rose Crystal

A Bald New Look for the Swarovski Rose Crystal

January 26, 2012  |  News

Here’s a heads-up on one of the most creative ways of using our most popular crystal, the Swarovski Rose Flat Back. Artist Philip Levine has made use of both this versatile crystal and his head, in his début exhibition entitled Headism, that showcased at NL Dutch Cultural Pop Up Space, London, early last year.

Philip, who joined forces with professional photographer Daniel Regan, created an array of stunning head designs that ranged from an impressive (if not edible) use of the confectionery sprinkle hundreds and thousands, to – our personal favourite – a 1000 Swarovski crystal headpiece, featuring Swarovski Rose Flat Back crystals supplied by our very good selves at Stephen Arnold.

The artist’s inspiration? Going bald. In 2006, Philip started to do what so many of us do at some point in life – thin out. And rather than donning an conventional Irish, he instead chose to let his creativity run wild upon his own noggin.

The results are certainly impressive, and have now appeared around the world. His work landed him his own exhibition, appearing on billboards in London Underground stations, and even in a video projection promoting the show on the Central line platform at Liverpool Street station.

It’s nice to see the Swarovski Rose Flat Back getting the recognition it deserves. And it’s definitely food for thought for all you out there looking for a bald new look.

For more on the exhibition, that included photography, sculpture and documentary video of Philip’s iconic head designs, check out the website: http://www.headism.co.uk/.

A Bald New Look for the Swarovski Rose Crystal

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