Application Service

The Stephen Arnold Ltd Application Center concentrates on providing customers with a simple solution to apply SWAROVSKI CRYSTALS to their designs/products.

With years of experience working closely with SWAROVSKI along with advanced technical application training we are capable of some fantastic methods of applications for customers within a large range of industries. Please feel free to browse some of the work we have undertaken in the past. 

For more information regarding our Application Center or should you wish to make an enquiry please call us on 0208 444 8282 or email us


Our expertise covers the following methods of application;

Gluing - Hard and soft surfaces such as electronics and fabric

Hot Fix Application - The use of SWAROVSKI's Hot Fix Technology to adhere crystals (loose, semi finished and Transfers) to fabric.

Mechanical Application - Using specialist machinery we are able to apply Rivets, Rose Pins, Buttons and Magentic Fastners

Stone Setting - For customer who have purchased stones and settings serparately and what a quick and simple service of having the stones placed into the settings.


Application Projects

Roja Dove - Crystal Bottle Caps


Application Method: Hand Applied Glue

Roja Parfums contacted us in the early stages of development of their beautiful Aoud range of purfums to design a bottle cap embellished with SWAROVSKI CRYSTALS to adorn their luxury scents. A number of consultations, samples and application testing were undertaken before the finished article you see here was approved.

Being a luxury brand we understood the importance of creativity and workmanship for each bottle cap. Special procedures were put into place to ensure quality control, and that each bottle cap was polished to the point where it could no longer be touched by hand to ensure the crystals gave the ultimate brilliance.

Each of the 14 stones applied to each bottle cap was completed by hand and took over 4 days to produce to ensure the correct amount of curing time for the adhesive.

Over 10,000 bottle caps were embellished in three different colour.

50KPH Crystallized Road Sign

Application Method: Hand Applied Glue

In the summer of 2012 we were approached by a multi-national advertising company on behalf of the car manufacturer Renault to produce a 50 Kph road sign made entirely out of SWAROVSKI Elements. Both the front and back of the 50cm sized sign would be covered in over 3,000 crystals and 50 signs would need to be made as part of an advertising campaign for a new car in Paris.

With each sign having to be completely covered in crystal and within a budget a simply solution to give the effect of more crystals was to apply a vinyl stick to the base of the sign and hand apply each crystal to the vinyl. A mixture of reds including Light Siam, Siam and Fireopal were used in the outer ring to create depth and Crystal and Crystal AB were used to compliment the inner circle.



 Hot Fix Transfer - Noahs Ark Childrens Hospice


Application Method: Hot Fix Transfer

As part fo the annial Noah's Ark Children Hospice Charity fundrasier we were delighted to be able to support their Giltzy Night Out Ball. The evening was themed as Las Vegas Night Out with poker and black gammon tables, lots of food and ice sculptures.

The highlight of the evening was an auction hosted by none other than Christopher Biggins. Therefore we thought what better prize than a 'Welcome to the Fabulous Las Vegas' sign made up of over 2,500 SWAROVSKI CRYSTALS (2038 XIRUS Flat Back). The design was produced as a Hot Fix Transfer and adhered to a fabric canvas using the latest Hot Fix Technology.

For more information and to see the great work that Noah's Ark Children's Hospice do please take a look at their website -